A Chat with Pup Star Orion

In episode 16 of DISIRabilityALT, I have the opportunity to interview Pup Star Orion.

Pup Star Orion (he/his/him) is queer trans genderfluid disabled switch and leather bull terrier puppy. Originally born in Santa Ana, El Salvador, Orion was raised in East Hollywood. 

He is the Social Outreach Coordinator for Obsidian LA, a qtbipoc volunteer run kink and education group.

Orion is the LA Pup 2020-21, happily living as an ambassador for not just human pets but trans and gender variant human pets as well. 

An educator, Orion teaches everything pet play, including dark pet play, and how intersectional identities affect pet spaces. He also teaches how to navigate sex and kink with disabled and chronically ill bodies through his lens as someone who lives with chronic pain. 

A well-known exhibitionist, when he isn’t volunteering, it’s common to find him under the boots of or attempting to take the fist of your local queer cutie. 

In today’s episode, Orion talks about his experiences as a QTBIPOC disabled pup, and what lead him to his identity as a puppy. He talks about accessibility in the scene for QTBIPOC and disabled folx. He’ll describe some heavy impact scenes he has enjoyed and also discusses the beauty and strength of kinky disabled folx. I cant wait for you to hear this episode.

PupStarOrion can be found on Facebook, Instagram, FetLife and PuppySpace @PupStarOrion. His twitter is NSFW. Follow him to find out about his class and new social/support group called “Chronically Kinky”.

If you are QTBIPOC, follow Obsidian_LA on social media or visit their website Obsidian-LA.com

Episode Cover Description [DISIRability logo in green with a wheelchair symbol in place of the letter b. “ALT” written in black underneath. In a red background, there is the following text ”A Chat with PupStarOrion,(he/him/his) a disabled QTBIPOC and LA Pup 2020-21, with Angela Car (she/her) 18+). On the right, there is a photo of PupStarOrion in a leather harness with a red bandana and his collar around his neck, holding his pup mask.]

Full transcript of this episode is also available.


©DISIRability, Angela Car 2020

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