D/s, Holiday Blues and a Pandemic

On today’s episode of DISIRabilityALT, I thought we’d talk about our power-exchange relationships, getting through 2020 and getting through the holiday season especially if you have experienced depression or grief during this time of year. I also wanted to talk about how we are all struggling with social distancing now as we’re coming into the holidays in 2020 with the pandemic. We will talk about the importance of maintaining your D/s dynamic at this time and how to do so. 

Episode Cover Description [DISIRability logo in green with a wheelchair symbol in place of the letter b. “ALT” written in black underneath. In a red background, there is the following text ”D/s, Holiday Blues and a Pandemic, with Angela Car (she/her) 18+). On the right, there is a stock photo of a snowman with a sad face.]

Full transcript of this episode can be found on the podcast link. Visit DISIRabilityALT Episode 17.

©DISIRability, Angela Car 2020

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