Swimming, Sex and Swinging, A Chat with Lorraine Stanley, CEO of SWAD.

In Episode 22 of DISIRabilityALT, I have the opportunity to interview Lorraine Stanley.

Lorraine Stanley was a fitness instructor, before she developed M.E. Based in the UK, she hunted for support on sex and disability, and she discovered very limited resources covering the subject of sex and intimacy. So, Lorraine decided to be pro-active, and ran several sex and disability discussion groups at her local independent living centre. Lorraine started a not-for-profit organization, SWAD that stands for Sex with A Difference. Be sure to check out the rest of her bio in the show notes. I had the opportunity to meet Lorraine at a panel we were both speaking at for a conference in October. I am so grateful to have met her! In this interview, we discuss some of our similar experiences as bisexual women and experiences in alternative lifestyles. Lorraine talks about her love of swimming, sex and swinging and shares how she came to find her true authentic self. We had a ton of laughs along the way as well.

Lorraine’s organization can be reached at www.swaddorset.org. Her email is Lorainne@swaddoset.org.

 Episode Cover Description [DISIRability logo in green with a wheelchair symbol in place of the letter b. “ALT” and the text “Episode 22” are written underneath. In a teal blue background, there is the following text “Swimming, Sex and Swinging. A Chat with Lorraine Stanley, CEO of” and the logo of “SWAD” in purple and yellow colors, which states “where disability and sex come together. Then the text at the bottom “with Angela Car (she/her) 18+)”. On the right, there is a photo of Lorraine Stanley wearing a scarf with teal butterflies.

Full transcript of this episode is also available. Read or Listen to Episode 22 here:


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